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Yup, that’s me; guilty. Of what, exactly?

Guilty of starting too many projects and not finishing most of them. Guilty of feeling frustrated. Guilty of feeling guilty.

My unfinished project pile

My unfinished project pile

What’s in that pile of projects?

  1. Two coiled rope baskets ready to be sewn. That is, the fabric has been coiled around the rope, and I ‘only’ must sew them into basket shapes. Sounds simple, yes? And not so time-consuming.
  2. Four handbags in the works: One travel-bag (adapted from this Etsy pattern),
  3. Two handbags of my own design, and the City Bag, of Nicole Mallalieu’s (of You Sew Girl) designs.
  4. Countless pieces of hand-dyed silk waiting to be turned into nuno felt, and subsequently turned into other stuff.
  5. Food to be made in quantities and then frozen for my toddler.
  6. New handbag and small purse patterns to test.
  7. Stuff to paint.
  8. A few Craftsy classes to complete.
  1. Starting (and finishing!!) an online Surface Design in Felt-Making course from Fiona Duthie. (Seriously excited about this one – her work is fantastic!!)

I could go on, but I can feel my shoulders tensing up as this list lengthens. Why do I let these things pile up? Why can’t I just start one thing and then finish it? Am I afraid to make something that isn’t nice? Am I afraid it will be nice and that will add more tension and pressure? Or perhaps it’s just simple; I start too many projects.

I don’t know the answer, and frankly, I’m really not into analyzing these things, I just want to make some progress. So, taking a cue from Kristin at Sew Mama Sew and her 12 Steps for Enjoying a Stress-Free Hobby, I’m going to “Tackle one project at a time… OK, maybe two.” , and then another two, and another two, and so on…

How do you keep yourself focused on one or two projects at a time? How do you harness your creativity and see it through to a finished project?

Ciao for now,



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